Experienced Independent Monitors for Your Next Project

Why use the services of independent monitors?

Independent monitors are your eyes and ears at the investigative clinical trial site. They need to have the clinical and scientific background to be your on-site representative and help you efficiently manage your project.

Some of the benefits of contracting with independent monitors include the ability to:

  • Supplement internal staffing
  • Reduce risk associated with hiring and supporting staff
  • Provide specialized assistance for difficult or problematic situations

Independent monitors have significant depth of applicable experience that help make them highly-sought professional partners in the investigative clinical trial industry.



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Jacob Glaser jacob@glaserresearch.com  (513) 832-3055


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Our Values

Rigor and Relationships

We work with the monitors as needed throughout the life of each project. This oversight helps assure that all visits and reports occur in a timely, accurate and standardized manner according to corporate and sponsor SOPs.

Training and Support

To be a successful independent monitor requires continuous training and education. Our monitors are current and knowledgeable about the latest information and technologies in the sector.


Therapeutic Areas

We provide monitors with specific indication and therapeutic experience to fit your project's needs. Our North American network means that we're connected with the unique and diverse skill sets to fit your project.



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